Get Small Fast

I always appreciated Brian’s ‘Get Small Fast‘ meme and after meeting with Josh Williams and John Critz of Blinksale (firewheel & iconbuffet) I am still a believer. Josh and John have built a great application and are at the start of something big (while staying small). Check out their blog and if you run a small business I recommend considering their invoicing product.

5 Responses to “Get Small Fast”

  1. Laksman Said:

    That’s an awesome pic of southlake town center!

  2. Raj Chanani Said:

    I was out in Texas for a Job Interview and must say that there is nothing like Texan hospitality.

    I did get lost in Galvaston a few times but then found my to the interview site.

  3. Bud Said:

    I think Texas gets a lot of press, in my openion it is more or less like Californai or New York.

  4. Raj Said:

    Texas is different, such as country music, story songs and beef consumption.

  5. Raj Said:

    I did not take the job with Intermedics Guident Boston Scientific but got a different job in California.

    On a seperate note, Perot Systems did not hire me. Unisys did look at my resume. Did not interview with Saic or Acs. The IBM interview was really good. Teksystems, ADP and Waste Management are really good.

    I have been fired a time or two, such as at NRG and Teletech. Though the job was seasonal.

  6. Raj Said:

    I got tired of all the security and cameras and did not take the job with Ortel Lucent Alcatel, TRW and the like.

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