Richardson, TX VoIP Company Raises $13.2MM

cashout.jpgIt is 1999 all over again. I was at lunch with a guy with $50,000 - he wants to invest in the Web 2.0 space. Now I learn that just down the road Sequoia Capital, Austin Ventures and Star Ventures were pumping $13.2MM in a VoIP security company called Sipera. Here is the about:

Sipera Systems, Inc., the leader in pure security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia communications, enables enterprises and operators to protect end users and network infrastructures from potentially catastrophic attacks, misuse, and abuse of real-time, session-based protocols.  Comprised of top vulnerability research experts, the Sipera VIPER lab concentrates all of its efforts towards identifying SIP, UMA and IMS vulnerabilities.  This expertise forms the foundation of Sipera IPCS products, which protect IP communications applications, and the Sipera LAVA tools, which verify networks readiness to resist attacks. Founded in 2003, Sipera is headquartered in Richardson, TX. Visit

Update: the comments below were not written by me (i.e. Alexander Muse).  I do not know anything more than I read on the web about this company…

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  1. Amir Valanni Said:

    This startup is a disaster, especially the founder and CTO of the company - Krishna Kurapati. He has no business ethics and uses people like dirt. The company treats people like commodities and political waste, and has the habit of throwing away the founding members. Unless Seshu - CEO of the company fix the management issues, the company is going down the road.

  2. Alexander Muse Said:

    Don’t pull punches… please say what you mean! :)

  3. Amir Valanni Said:

    The truth is that startups like these get fundings from VCs and waste them away by managing the company in wrong ways. This should be accounted for and such executives should be barred from acquiring the VC money in future.

  4. Benyamin Gilo Said:

    Let’s just wait till a concrete news come out of the company. Who knows the founders may have a high vision hard to be seen from outsiders perspective.

  5. Amir Valanni Said:

    I used to work there, and left because of the bad and unethical management of the company. They hire people from other companies and force them to give away the intellectual property of their previous employers. If they don’t then they are asked to leave. The environment is very very bad and it is a common knowledge in the IT industy here in Plano, TX and Richardson, TX, that working for Sipera is a disaster.

  6. Bill Said:

    Are you located in Dallas or Houston?

  7. Amir Valani Said:

    I don’t know who the hell is trying to use my name and writting like this. But working with Sipera was absolutely lifetime experience for me. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from both Krishna and Seshu. In fact this guy who is trying to use my name, has used wrong spelling so that helps me lot. There is no guy Amir valanni worked with Sipera. It was me Amir Valani and whoever has written like this is completely bogus. Remember this is funded by Sequoia so there is no doubt on management of the company.

  8. protocol_junkie Said:

    The real Amir,

    So, why did you leave?

  9. voip_sales_guru Said:

    I know Joe O Donnel who used to be or is the VP of Sales at Sipera System. He is a gem of guy and is ranked as the 50 most influential people in VoIP by VoIP-News(

    His profile is removed from Sipera’s website and since this happened without an official notification, it is a key indication that Joe left Sipera at a sour note. He was very unhappy with the management skills of Krishna Kurapati, and has verbally expressed his displeasure at several ocassions. Remember that he is the guy who gave up his top executive position at Nortel and got Sipera’s all the Sales Partnership they have. His departure signals a great blow to the company and his future. Joe single handedly helped Sipera to become partners with Avaya and Nortel and his departure is going to hurt those relationships for sure. This means the hopes of Sipera getting a sales boast or getting acquired are almost diminished.

  10. bob_sanders Said:

    Actually the news is true. Joe is NO more with Sipera. A big blow indeed. I wonder how comapny is going to meet their end year sales target without any sales team.
    Moreover, they posted positions for IMS engineers….maybe it indicates shift of company’s focus from enterprise to service providers??? It seems that focus of the company is gone.

  11. Alexander Muse Said:

    Hey, can you guys move this to another venue? I mean, there must be a yahoo group or something for this sort of discussion. I was just noting that they raised money…

  12. Shankar Eggidi Said:

    I have known Krishna for almost 20 years. His business ethics are very strong and a very nice fellow to deal with. I do not think there is anything seriously wrong with his management style.All strat ups will have have similar problems as currently faced by him and these can be sorted out

  13. Joe O'Donnell Said:

    Wow….I just read this. It is mid July 07. I was drinking my coffee and came across it. I almost spit it out. My stomach is sick. Please let this post be the last. I for one will not be looking at it again. For the record. I think the world of Sipera and all the employees…..present, past and future. I also think the world of their Leadership, VC’s and Board. I was not going to respond but that would not be fair.


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