Mash Pit 2.0 Starts NOW!

Mash Pit LogoIt has been a busy weekend (BarCampDallas just wrapped up). Chris Messina is hosting the second Mash Pit at the Architel offices (the first with guys like Matt, Niall, Chris and Josh was held on January 18th) this morning at 10AM. Kevin (of soon to be SimpleTicket fame) will be representing Architel, Brian will be there to represent Weblogs Work - but alas I have painters in my house (hopefully to be someone elses home soon) and lunch with out-of-town relatives. I might be on the IRC chat:!

What is MashPit? The idea is simple: a single day of hacking by a small group (10-15) of people. The morning is used to discuss what human problems they want to solve and the afternoon and evening to actually build something. The idea is not to build something completely from scratch, but to ‘mash-up’ various Internet applications to build something new.

I think Scott is right, BarCampDallas left me with the thought that there can be a technology community right here in Dallas (you don’t have to move to San Francisco). I think Mash Pit might take the feeling and turn it into a real tool. Dallas 2.0? I know, too cheesy…

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