Web 1.0 Party at the House of Shields

Merlin from 43 Folders hosted a fun event/party called Web 1.0 last night at the House of Sheilds.  Brian is a big fan of Merlin and decided we had to attend.  The event featured speakers pitching 1999 Web 1.0 ideas.  My favorite was the CueCat (I literally got to take it home as it was a Dallas Web 1.0 startup and I was the only guy from Texas in the room).   We also gave out a bunch of Weblogs Work t-shirts - one even made it on Flickr

I met Brent who just sold my newsreader to NewsGator.  Also we had an interesting conversation with Anil Dash of SixApart (Movable Type) and then we ran into Matt from WordPress …and Arnulf Hsu Isaac Garcia (he gave me his partner’s business card, thus the confusion) from Central Desktop, Jonathan Grubb from Rubyredlabs, and Alaina Browne from Mule and many, many more great people.


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  1. Web 1.0 - we all learned something @ Alex Moskalyuk Online Said:

    […] Scott Beale’s posting
    HorsePigCow also kept taking pictures of everybody and everything.
    Alexander Muse writes here.
    Fraser Speirs has a report as well.

    >> Technology, Entertainment, Sil […]

  2. Todd Dailey Said:

    Nice to meet you there, glad you liked the cuecat, thanks for the shirt!

    my report here:

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