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Austin based uShip is an online marketplace for shipping services. The company was founded in 2003 by U.T. MBA grads Matt Chasen, Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap. We need to do a full profile on the company, but Silicon Valley’s gossip rag pointed out a “painful” viral video produced by the company.

We must agree, but there are some funny moments too ~ the female employees do the best job of deadpan humor. Nick explains:

The video, with Matt Chasen, the company’s CEO, taking the role Steve Carell fills in the TV show, is actually quite slickly made. And the clip is working as a profile-building exercise, making the rounds on Youtube and Digg, and now the blogs. I feel so manipulated, mmm. The uShip CEO does a walkaround of the office. I consider my team, my employees, as a family [ruffles hair]… Hey, Sarah [her real name is Laura], how are things going in operations. Keep those struts running. Alright! At which moment, I had a disconcerting realization. He is just too damned good in the role. It isn’t marketing, or satire, or even satire of satire. Like the show itself, which is why it’s so painful to watch, it’s the awful reality of office life.

My question is how much did they pay for the rights to the Office music…

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  1. Blog » How Marketing Should Be Done (Disclosure: I Love The Office and Am 100% Bias Towards Anything Involving It) Said:

    […] Okay, so it isn’t the best video out there, granted.  UShip is doing something very interesting, something I believe in 100%.  The use of new media for PR/Marketing (which are both crossing a blurred line together… that’s another series of posts), is the way to go.  I’m talking more about the process and the reasoning behind the move.  Also, bad press is still press.  People are talking about the video, and it provides a different entry point into the mindshare of the market.  The company who put the video together is UShip, out of Austin,Texas.  Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.  Anyone know of any other companies doing similar marketing/PR? […]

  2. Blake P. Said:

    Pretty viral. If they were just trying to get the company name out there, then they hit the bullseye.

  3. jordan Said:

    These comments were up up by the company itself. lame.

  4. Rod Said:

    how come when u decided how to take care of a problem it always comes out against the carrier. i’m sorry but no one is going to play BUSH on me & take my rights as a human to freedom of speech. all u did was piss off your cust.they came to me after u suspended my account so cut your own throat all u want. leave me & other drivers out of your interoffice B.S. I know that no one else will see this but as I have found thats the kind-of chicken ____ co. u are

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