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Click Here To View It took me a more than a year to finally sit down and have lunch with William Moore, founder and CEO of RadioTime.  The RadioTime folks, including Candy Bernhardt who I knew from her work at Travelocity priot to joining the company, are located in Dallas at the intersection of 635 and 75.

RadioTime - Real Radio. EvolvedWhat do they do?  The company helps users find radio content on the internet (to date they have more than 36,000 listings in their directory).  Started back in 2002, the company allows users to find and listen to over-the-air radio on their internet connected devices (such as the shark or squeezebox).

Besides William, the company has several superstars helping it grow including Denis Coleman (cofounder of Symantec), Terry Fisher (professor at Harvard Law and co-director of the Berkman Center), Clint Culp (30 year radio vet, most recently VP at Radio Advertisers Bureau), and Kevin Kelly (author of

SqueezeboxThe company is funded by ICCO Ventuer Partners ( and Newmoon founder), Startup Capital Ventures and Authosis Venture capital (Lenovo guys).  Total capital raised estimated at $2.7MM.

radioSHARKWhy this is cool?  Well, as your home television and audio systems become more connected ~ directly or through devices like the Squeezebox or RadioShark, you will need a way to deal with all of the content (find it, save it, listen to it).  We are going to keep our eye on the space.  Other companies playing in or near the space include Replay Radio, SnapTune and in a sense Pandora.  Techcrunch has a profile of SnapTunes here.

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