Sprint EVDO Revision A Card (also, plea for help!)

I am a satisified Sprint EVDO customer, but today I learned that Sprint will be releasing the faster EVDO Revision A card later this year.  Here is the news:

Designed for operation with compatible laptops as well as the soon-to-be-available Linksys Wireless G-Router for Mobile Broadband, the Merlin S720 will allow customers to connect to the Sprint Power Vision Network and remotely access audio, video and data applications at DSL-like speeds. The card operates on the current Sprint Power Vision Network and will support faster average download and upload speeds (450 -850 kbps and 300 - 400 kbps, respectively) of Sprint’s upgraded network when it becomes available. Sprint plans to begin its roll out of EV-DO Revision A during the fourth quarter of 2006 with coverage expected to reach more than 40 million people by year end. Ultimately, Sprint plans to reach more than 200 million people in the United States with mobile broadband data services in 220 major metropolitan areas by the end of 2006.

One note to Sprint (if you are listening): I need a driver for my Mac!  I am using a Verizon driver to make my current card work, but I am scared the new Revision A card won’t have a Verizon driver as they are lagging behind you on the new release.  PLEASE RELEASE A MAC Driver!!!!  PLEASE!!!

2 Responses to “Sprint EVDO Revision A Card (also, plea for help!)”

  1. Todd Said:

    “…plea for help!”



  2. Jason McMinn Said:

    Just get a PC.

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