Future of code? (hint, it is red)

Tim Bray has a great post on his admiration of the Ruby language and the Rails community in general titled, “On Ruby.”  If you are building web applications and you are not considering using Ruby on Rails you should ask yourself why.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Beautiful Code - Ruby on Rails is simple to read.  Anyone can pick up anyone else’s code and understand it immediately.  Try that with most other languages.  This is great for distributed or offshore talent working together or in series.
  • Vibrant Community - The Rails community is simply one of the most passionate I have ever seen.  The tools being released are amazing and of course free.

Our coders (either in house or third party) are able to turn my wireframes into real working applications in very little time.  Get with the program and consider using Rails on your next application.  My hats off to the 37 Signals guys for starting the fire - it is “red” hot!

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