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Company Name:  Innography
Founded:  January 2006
Founders:  Tyron Standing and Steve Gebing

About the company:  innography.gifInnography provides automated innovation research and analysis.  As  public information floods every aspect of the workplace, users will  increasingly need to find what they don’t know to help them make  better business decisions.  Whereas search engines today focus on answering common questions, businesses require more in-depth and unobvious information about their competition, partners, legal exposure, research agendas, and other aspects of their innovation landscapes.  The only way to provide these insights is through intense personalization and data mining  provided by Innography.   Innography’s initial offering focuses on business intelligence using the US Patent database to help companies increase IP and product revenues  while decreasing their legal exposure.

About the Founder:  Tyron Stading graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science and continued his technical career with work on an MS of Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.  He also earned a business degree at the University of Texas at Austin with a MS in Science and Technology Commercialization.  Mr. Stading has published multiple research papers in both computer science and various business disciplines and has filed over a two dozen US patents Tyron Stading is the vice president of technology for Innography.  Before Innography, Mr. Stading was the IBM solution architect for the Telecommunications and Utilities industries.  As the solution architect, Mr. Stading was primarily responsible for $20 million a year in software sales and business development.  Balancing his background in enterprise software development, Mr. Stading has previously worked for startups in mobile communications and network security.

Funding:  Innography is currently funded until late 2006.
Why Texas:  Texas is one of the best places to start a technology business because of the people and the lifestyle.  We have a philosophy at Innography of working hard and playing hard.  Not only does Texas hold some of the brightest minds in the country, but we find they are more well-rounded in their lifestyles outside of work than anywhere else.  Texas has the unique ability to make people happier inside and outside of the office.

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  1. Bob Stading Said:

    Congratulations on your new business and I hope that it goes well for you. From what I have read and Ron has told me it would be a valuable site with all information at one location for an attorney.

    Under the Founders: your name is mispelled. It is Standing.

    Best of luck for the future.


  2. Arsalan Said:

    Tyron -

    nice to find out you launched this company - good luck !

    - Arsalan

  3. Alex Bell Said:

    […]Thank, keep up the good work[…]

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