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Company Name: BroadRamp, Inc.
Founded: August 2004
Founder: Sean Darwish, CTO

About the company: BroadRamp delivers a universal content and application delivery platform – the Content Delivery System as seen at DEMO ‘06. BroadRamp’s CDS converts existing content into rich, online interactive multimedia available over a broadband Internet connection and a standard Internet browser, eliminating the need for a traditional media player. Users can experience instantaneous, surround-sound quality, high resolution, full-screen multimedia content without having to select a media player to install or wait for a file to buffer.

About the CTO: Mr. Darwish has more than 15 years of experience in the management of computer technology design and development and has served as an independent technology consultant for several renowned worldwide corporations including IBM, Datapoint Corporation, Randolph AFB, Jana Corporation, Pyramid Management Group and Tesoro Savings and served as executive vice president of Internet Technology and Communication sales and marketing at Total Access Communications.

Funding: $5MM Series A lead by Wafra Investment Advisory Group (Venture Vest II).

Why Texas: Emerging digital convergence corridor in Texas, major infrastructure and media companies (e.g. AT&T, ClearChannel), high speed fiber optics digital hub in San Antonio.

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