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Company Name: TriTaur, LLC
Date Started: September 2005
Founders: Carrie Pacini, CEO, Marla Trevino, CCO, Patrick Williams, CTO and John Pacini, COO

Tritaur GroupAbout the company: TriTaur is creating and branding a series of highly accessible Web 2.0 applications for traditionally underserved yet valuable consumer niche markets. Our flagship consumer product is a lifestyle & family management system for busy Moms called Operation Mom. will launch in August 2006. Our build platform combines the latest technologies in social networking, knowledge & advice wikis, schedule management, and geotagging into a simplified and practical interface for non-technical end users. In addition to OpMom, TriTaur’s ongoing suite of web applications will continue to share this clear focus: to create easy-to-use offerings for niche markets that will streamline, simplify and improve the daily lives of its users, while simultaneously providing TriTaur’s advertising partners with ultra-precise marketing to valuable demographic groups.

About the CEO: Carrie brings project management and IT experience to her role as CEO TriTaur. After spending five years in Project Management with Duke Energy, Carrie joined Idea Integration ( as Senior Project Manager in charge of the Compaq Small & Medium Business (SMB) account. While at Idea, Carrie’s management purview extended to the rollout marketing for Compaq’s Evo line of notebook computers and other new products. Partnered with the creative talents of Marla Trevino, these marketing campaigns earned multiple awards of excellence, including a Lantern® Award, Best of Texas Award, Houston Advertising Association’s ADDY® award, and others. In 2002, Carrie and Marla Trevino founded 5th House Creative Group (, a web and print design firm that serves both small and large business clients. In addition to her professional career, Carrie is a busy mother of two children and the originator of the Operation Mom concept. Carrie earned her Bachelor of Science in Technology degree from The University of Houston.
Funding: TriTaur’s co-founders self-funded the seed/feasibility round
in 2005, and have partially completed their early-stage round with
private angel investors. They are seeking approximately $200,000 in
additional capital at this time.

Why Texas: Despite the perceived challenges of founding a technology startup in Houston, a city largely driven by the energy industry, TriTaur has chosen to remain in Texas and grow our business here for a few key reasons:

The first reason ties directly back to our company mission, and the goal of creating web communities that closely resemble the trust network and simple effectiveness of real community networks. Although certain aspects of our early growth and capitalization might have been eased by relocating to the West Coast, we believed that a personal disconnection from our own native community would have been counterproductive to our development process and might have led us to create a less intuitive online community for our users. And we also believe that the richness and diversity of our home community in Texas only further enhances the quality, usefulness and scalability of our end products.

The second reason is that Texas business has a distinctly entrepreneurial spirit – something that surprises many non-Texans – and which translates directly into a great startup environment. Houston and Dallas, for example, are both national leaders in the relative percentage of owner-operated businesses. And so from the generally independent Texan mindset to the outrageously entrepreneurial atmosphere required for oil & gas exploration, our business is supported and in fact propelled by these surroundings. For that very reason we are also fortunate to have several successful energy sector professionals on our board.

5 Responses to “TriTaur (OpMom) Profile”

  1. scott dalferes Said:

    I wish carrie and crew the best. i wish houston had more software and technology startups. pulling for you!

  2. Tyrone Fish Said:

    You can do it!

  3. Marc Nathan Said:

    I’ve spent a lot of time with the TriTaur group and I can say without a doubt that they have a winning combination of talent and drive. I’m sure that they’ll succeed and add another notch to the Houston startup belt.

  4. Martin Berry Said:

    Why is all about the CEO? What about the other three principals?

  5. John Said:

    Dear Martin Berry - This article highlights TriTaur and the product that just launched and Why Texas is the perfect place for TriTaur. Carrie the CEO has the vision and drive that it takes to make this company a huge success and is the reason why TriTaur and the OpMom product is here today.

  6. Martin Berry Said:

    Okay, she has drive. That’s nice. But is this opma thing any different than a mom’s version of Outlook, repackaged as a virtual mothers’ club? Only in this case with no body you know and devoid of any real sense of true community?

    But back to the article: It seems to be all about her and not the team-the people that also have drive to take her vision and make it a reality-such as yourself, assuming you are the COO. Otherwise, why not just have her picture in the article?

  7. dude Said:

    # Martin Berry Said: Why is all about the CEO? What about the other three principals?

    Because she’s hot?

  8. Alexander Muse Said:

    I wrote the ‘piece’ and I didn’t ask about anyone but the CEO. If you want to know about the other folks I would call the CEO…

  9. Odell Said:

    CEO not hot. Idea is mediocre. The point about not relocating to west coast sounds like bs.

  10. Martin Berry Said:

    Well, good luck and much success.

  11. Heidi Said:

    Great site! Thank you for starting it! I’ve been enjoying the features and finding new friends!

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